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Attune to your authentic self

Sarah Haggerty

Reiki Master

Meet Sarah, a Reiki Master with a passion for using intuitive energy work to help you find clarity, balance, and healing in your life. She has developed a unique approach to her practice, combining the powerful healing art of Reiki with her own intuition and spiritual gifts.

Sarah offers oracle card readings, to help provide insights and guidance on your life's purpose journey. Sarah is also a light language channel, and uses this ancient form of communication to transmit healing energy and activate positive shifts in your life.

Sarah's goal is to make you feel relaxed and at ease by creating a safe and nurturing space for you to explore your emotions and connect with your higher self.

Discover your unique path and purpose in life, with the support and guidance you need to overcome challenges, manifest your dreams, and live your most authentic and fulfilling life.

Sarah Haggerty Attune Reiki

“What is meant for you is always meant to find you."

Saint Lalleshwari

Sessions & Classes

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Reiki Session

One hour in-person Reiki session with Sarah.

Oracle Card Rerading

Intuitive oracle card reading to help guide you on your life's journey

Light Language Activation

Sarah will channel Light Language to activate and unlock information needed for your life's journey


"This was my first experience with Reiki. Sarah was very patient and explained the Reiki healing process in a way that made sense to me. She has helped me with my anxiety so much since I have started to see her."

Robert Travisano

"Sarah is a fantastic healer and has helped me regulate my sleeping patterns. I always feel so relaxed after a session. Since I have started my sessions, I have been able to sleep better for a longer period of time."

Steven D.

"Sarah has helped me with my spiritual growth. During my sessions I have had many past life experiences which have helped me heal from childhood traumas. She is a powerful healer and influenced me to learn Reiki myself."

Hilary York

Get in Touch

Mailing Address: 33 North Main Street, Marlborough, CT, USA

Thanks for reaching out!

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